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Archelaos Biehler


My name is Archelaos, I am half Greek half German and I grew up in the beautiful city of Athens, Greece.Ever since my childhood i've been looking for the frequent contact with our mother nature. I love doing outdoor activities like climbing, biking and hiking and I feel blessed for having the chance to turn my hobby into my job.
There is nothing better than exploring nature's gifts and sharing them with other people.


Maria Efstratiadou


My passion was always nature. I have been an active member of Trekking Hellas before, during and now after my studies in Psychology. With a double nationality I was travelling from my early age. I cannot stay more than a weeks’ time in the same place, my spirit is moving quicker than my mind! I turned my hobby into a job, starting as assistant guide to summer camps and at the moment leading demanding incoming trips to the diverse nature of Greece; from the islands to its highest mountains. I continue developing my skills further on rock climbing and sea kayaking trying to expand my horizons further than hiking adventures. My favorite will always be to backpack off the beaten track and accumulate the small things that every land can give me.


Daphne Grammenou


Hi to everyone! I am Daphne and I am happy working with Trekking Hellas over the last years. I consider myself lucky, cause I can combine my love for nature, action and being on the road through my job. Being around with people and kids is something I truly enjoy. I feel excited every time I reveal and show the hidden side and the treasures of my beautiful and unique country! When I am not on duty, you will find me strolling in the city of Athens, training in the dance studio or backpacking around the globe!


Chris Lepouras 


Chris was introduced to the outdoors since his childhood through his participation in the camps of the Greek Mountaineering Association. Since then he has travelled in countless mountains and destinations all over Greece and in more than 20 countries abroad. Since 2006 he is working as an outdoor activities guide in the base of Trekking Hellas in the National Park of Mt. Parnitha and in the company’s incoming tourism trips. He C holds an MSc Degree in Human and Computer Interaction with ergonomics from the University College London (UCL). He has published two hiking books for Crete and the National Park of Mt.Parnitha. He is very enthusiastic with his job, with excellent communication skills and great reviews.


Stefanos Mastrotheodoros 


I am passionate about Nature! Whenever I am not immersed in my PhD studies, I travel around, hiking, climbing mountains, skiing, or guiding people through the endless beauties of my country. I enjoy all those activities, and feel blessed that the latter of those is my job.


Nefelina Papageorgiou


I was born in Athens, in an outdoor, enthusiastic family. At the age of 15, I went on my first backpacking trip in Turkey with my mother and brother. We spent three weeks travelling on local buses, sleeping in traditional, small hostels, hiking in Cappadocia and flying in a hot air balloon.As you can imagine, I had no choice but to become an outdoor lover and a passionate traveler. Exploring Greece has always been my favorite. While travelling through my country, I have discovered my heritage. Greece is a very beautiful country with a unique culture, great history, many contrasts and amazing places to visit. Being with you while you explore and discover my country is a gift. Your different point of view reflects my identity.
I look forward to sharing this experience with you!

Sophia Roussi


My first collaborations with Trekking Hellas were associated with a change that I chose in my life, as I contemplated how to continue my classical studies in Dance, English, French and Nursing.
A change I decided to make to traveling and adventure. Inspired by my friends at Trekking Hellas I joined the team! Thus my 16year journey of hiking trails in the mountains, riding ULMs in the sky, river rafting, sea kayaking and tours of the Greek islands began. Always leading to amazing moments, and stories I could write about for ever, the best part of every trip is the time spent getting to know fellow explorers as we indulge in the beauty and myths of Greece.
In my spare time I keep up my studies in anthropology and touring with constant reading, I travel the globe getting to know other exciting countries, cultures and meet new people.

Angelos Tsapekos


Having studied Finance and worked in the banking and marketing field, soon I realized that an office job is not suitable for me. I have always been passionate when it comes to travelling and working in Trekking Hellas is the best combination of work and pleasure. Being a tour guide, I feel that my job is much more than coordinating itineraries. It is about treating clients as guests, trying to inspire them, infuse them with enthusiasm and knowledge and give them a reason to love the country they visit.


Sylvia Vatikioti


I studied International Business and have a Master in Marketing and Advertising. I have circled around Tourism for many years but didn’t stop experimenting with other Industries until I finally decided that that’s my love.  The bug for travelling and getting to know other cultures was inherited, since I was little, from my parents who taught me to respect and accept everyone and everything that life has to offer. Through the years, I have lived in different countries and tried different sports. My passion for Greece, nature, culture and food is something that I am always willing to share with the most original way.


Anna Zika


Being a member of the World Scouts since 1991 was just the motive to get out!

I am happier when I am outside, in the wilderness, especially sleeping in a tent somewhere. I have studied Interior Design and I still practice it when I am not guiding. In between my trips you will find me reading, doing DIY, listening to music, watching films and dancing. Greece is a powerful and a magical place. Working as a guide here, allows me to discover some of the remotest corners of our beautiful country and share them with all sorts of people. I am very lucky that I have the chance to see people relax, have fun, enjoy nature and listen to their stories.