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Mt. Pelion is one of the most fabled of Greece's "ancient" mountains.
Its location in the middle of the Greek mainland, its sheer beauty, its wealth of natural resources and its association with the sea (both the Aegean and the Pagasetic Gulf) made it widely known even in antiquity. Mythology has it that Mt. Pelion was home to the Centaurs, mythical creature’s half man, half horse. The mountainous massif has a total of 6 peaks all above 1,450 m. Numerous streams flow all year round ensuring that a dip in the sea is a truly "refreshing" experience. As one descends from the mountain peaks, wild forest gives way to orchards of trees and fertile valleys where all manner of plants are cultivated. This well-endowed mountain landscape blends mountain and sea harmoniously, and couples wild nature with tailored landscapes, dense forest with bare rock, the cool of the mountain with the warmth of the sea, and rain with wave.