Peloponnese-Kythera Island

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Varied and rich in history. A perfect combination of interchanging mountain and sea scenery with traditional villages, historical sites, trekking paths, rivers, gorges and much more…
Ideal for:
Culture and active multisport driving discoveries, bike tours, trekking, wine and gastronomy.
The Peloponnese is a large peninsula forming the part of the country south of the Gulf of Corinth, connected to the Greek mainand through the Corinth Canal (constructed in 1893) and the Rio-Antirio bridge. If someone were to see only one part of Greece with a little bit of everything, the Peloponnese would be that place. Rich in history (Mycenae, Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, Ancient Olympia, Byzantine citadel of Mystra, Sparta …), rich in nature (mountainous interior with Mount Taygetus its highest point at 2,407 m, deeply indented coasts with four south-pointing peninsulas, the Messenian , the Mani, the Cape Malea, , and the Argolid), it can satisfy all outdoor enthusiasts with amazing hikes, biking routes with interchanging mountain and coastal scenery, fast flowing rivers, and kilometers of coastline for surfers, kayakers, and sand castle builders!. Last but not least, apart from traditional settlements especially in the southern part, the Peloponnese is the land of some of the best olive oil and orange farms of Greece promising memorable meals.