Preveza - Tzoumerka

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Tzoumerka is a virgin and relatively unexplored area with stunning scenery, rushing rivers, waterfalls, verdant gorges and traditional villages. Tzoumerka are located in western Greece between Arta and Ioannina. The area is an ideal destination for those of you who are friends of nature and tradition and want to spend a pleasant weekend with impressive activities close to Arachthos, perhaps the most beautiful river of our country. Rafting with guides certified by the World Federation (International Rafting Federation), hiking and canoe kayak are the activities that will surely make your stay in Tzoumerka even more enjoyable.

Preveza (Perevoz), means passage....An important town through history due to its strategic position, from the famous ancient Nikopolis and the battle of Actium. A unique and unexplored region for nature enthusiasts. Amvrakikos Gulf with 250 km coastline and 20 lagoons hosts more than 160 species of birds, at least 48 species of fish, turtles (Caretta - Caretta) and 150 dolphins. River Acheron further north apart from its unique riverside paths neighbors with the Necromancy.