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Santorini or Thira, has a unique beauty while being one of the greatest islands both in Greece and abroad. Its specificity has its roots deep in the antiquity. It is considered to be the lost Atlantis. Furthermore, the explosion of the volcano around 1613 BC gave its unique shape to the island. Nowadays, Santorini, has focused its efforts in fulfilling the ambitions of demanding tourists who are eager for unforgettable quality holidays. Either you are looking for peace and quiet over the blue church domes, starring at the caldera enjoying relaxing moments, either you are looking for the greater night life clubbing till the sun shines, Santorini is able to provide it. Although her greatest advantage refers to the active tourism. On the Aegean crystal waters the water sports and activities, transform your experience in an unforgettable memory and willingness for repetition. In contrary to the other islands, Santorini doesn’t stop to her magic waters and colorful beaches. The pioneering programs on the volcanic ground, either for on sea exploration, or trekking on it, are unique around the world. And those are the reasons you voted Santorini as the best island in 2013.